Demoreel 2016

This is my newest demoreel of my recent works. Enjoy!


My wedding photography sample album showcase

I made this video about one of my sample photo albums using DLSRs and some post-processing magic. The photoraphs were also taken by myself. If you are interested in photography check out my another portfolio at


Trashy English 2d animation

2d promo animation for a company offering online English courses.

Goenglisch explainer

Explainer video made for

GO! English explainer


Big Joe breakdown

Breakdown video about how a pencil drawing was broken into separate layers for animation purposes.

GO! Angol pirate promo

2.5d animated promo for


Go! intros – 1080p

 Some intros I made for Go! Tanfolyamok Ltd.

Continental ad sample

A shot from an advertisement for Continental. vector animation reel

A short reel of my works made in 2014.

Demoreel 2013

A short reel of my works made in 2013.


VFX Demoreel 2012

A short reel of my works made in 2012.Thanks to Peter Balogh for the Spheretank, Draco Nova (spaceship) models!

Health magazine intro

Short intro design with alpha.


Clean plating breakdown

Removal of some distracting elements from a live footage.

Toon walking cycle

Walking cycle animation of a cartoon figure. It was vectorized from a raster image and then animated by moving/morphing its body parts


Slideshow concept

A simple slide show for publishing your portfolio. Unrestricted number of placeholders. Placeholders may contain videos too.

Video slideshow


Cartoon animation

This is a short public version of a bigger cartoon animation project.

Camera tracking – Gripens

A quick comparison of lens correction during camera tracking.


The Mir experiment

Testing the new plugin of Trapcode called Mir. Although it is a powerful plugin, it does not contain an anti-aliasing filter in version 1.0. I hope it will have in the next versions.

AudioReact experiment

An audio visualization test based on Matt Trunks’ preset.


HTKA.HU – History of Tomcatters

Yet another F-14 video for

Rotoscoping and 3D tracking

Just a demonstration of my rotoscoping techniques. After the foreground and the background was separated I used the invert alpha channel to track the camera motion in 3D space. Then I added a simple composite background to replace the original one.


Death Star above

I was just playing around with some camera tracking tools. After that I rotoscoped and cloned a few clouds and electric wires.

Car scanning effect

HTKA Historical Archive

Motion menu design of a DVD about military stuff.


Animation of an atomic nucleus colliding with another particle.


Draco Nova and Spheretanks intro

My Youtube channel ident

Intro design for a Youtube channel.

Dom Bower intro competition

Dom Bower, a photographer from Edinburgh, announced a competition to design a short intro for his Youtube channel videos. A work of mine was chosen by Dom for one of his videos.

Dom Bower about Rode microphones

My intro appeared in this video and my name appeared also at the end of the video.